Roller skates for women


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For outdoor roller skating, there are sidewalk skates and dance skates. Roller skates for women feature softer wheels for grip on the sidewalk or the street, whereas rink skates have tougher durometer roller skate wheels. Even though they come in feminine colours like pink roller skates, purple roller skates, and blue roller skates, women’s low top roller skates are normally scaled in men’s US sizes. Low-rise roller skates are typically used for speed skating and skating competitions. Skates with a high top are known as artistic skates or dance skates. Low top roller skates give for greater power from the ball of the foot, whilst high top skates allow for more power from the heel

More sliding is possible on the roller rink floor with harder roller skate wheels, such as those with a durometer of 92 or higher. Softer roller skate wheels, with durometers ranging from 78 to 85, grip the uneven sidewalk surface better and provide you greater control. A larger, more powerful women skater will normally use a wheel with a greater durometer, while a smaller woman skater will use a softer wheel.

Boots should be as comfortable as a fresh pair of shoes, not too loose or too tight. Keep in mind that any new boots will require some time to break in. There are other methods for getting the perfect fit, such as adjusting the lace pattern. There are a variety of lace patterns to choose from to ensure a better fit making it an ideal choice in the category of roller skates for women.

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