Vintage roller skates

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Skating’s charm is created by a great vintage stiff design and the smooth compression of high-quality urethane bushings. This allows for a smooth ride and deep turns, as well as the ability to style your skates’ performance to your unique skating requirements. The vintage roller skates have a fresh, vintage vibe to them, and they come in a range of exciting colours. They’re inspired by classic mid-top sneakers. These skates are composed of soft faux leather and for ultimate comfort, the shoes are made of synthetic material and fit like a trainer. Furthermore, they are vegan. The quad skates are lightweight due to its nylon frame and nylon hangers.

Designed for people who are nostalgic about their past, vintage roller skates offer the perfect opportunity to relive the elegance of the past in modern times. The aluminium frame is made to perfection and allows skaters to control their movements without any hassle. These skates will redefine your outdoor skating experience by providing a strong foundation to rock and roll.

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